Play powerLottery and have the chance to win up to £1,000 every month!

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1 x £1000,   2 x £500,   3 x £250,   4 x £100,   5 x £50

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Our Lottery is our only annuity fundraising model. When our lottery hit £400, 000 in 2016 we reached a cap on the expenses. This means that only 5p of your donation goes to administration of the lottery. 95% of your donation goes back into the Industry. 

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Your £1 will go directly to helping those in-need in our sector.

Each lottery costs only £1 to enter, and you can have up to 40 entries per month. You will receive a unique lottery number for each entry.

We will write to you and advise you of your number(s) and confirm the date of the first draw in which you are entered. Anyone can join powerLottery. It only costs £1 a month to enter and you’re in with a chance to win one of 15 cash prizes every month. 


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